our pricing

Low prices
that break the industry mold.

We deliver your cargo with a remarkably low price, about 30-60% off compared to other companies.
The greatest strength of "Ryutsu Oh" a low cost logistics service that utilizes our China network, is our low pricing, which breaks the industry norm.
Our fixed price is about half the price of other companies.
We have achieved a low-cost logistics service by dividing the process from pickup to delivery into 7 parts and selecting the most efficient and best method for each part. We deliver quickly and economically.
That is "Ryutsu Oh".
We are well versed in the customs clearance situation in China.
We ensure the reliable delivery of your important cargo.

Customs clearance in China is unique, and if you are not familiar with the laws and regulations, you may experience problems such as having your cargo stopped at customs or having it taxed more than necessary.
We are very familiar with the customs clearance procedures in China based on our many years of experience, and we can ensure smooth and reliable delivery of your cargo.