Sea Cargo

Industry First! We have started door-to-door shipping service!

We take care of everything from cargo consignment to ship booking, customs clearance, and delivery!
We provide consistent and comprehensive services for companies between Japan and China.

SCORE JAPAN Other companies
Tariffs are presented in m3/kg, so they are easy to understand at a glance.
There are many items of fees to be collected. Unclear.
Additional fees are added later.
We offer super-fixed price air freight up to 350 kg for quick delivery.
We quote for both air and ocean freight.
Single fee system.
Delivery Speed
We provide door-to-door service.
We have many branches in Japan and abroad.
It is troublesome after arriving at the destination port.
Special Prices
Prices will be changed monthly!
Promotions are also distributed
Price fluctuation
Customs clearance
Low inspection rate and more speedy due to in-house customs clearance.
Inefficient because of consignment customs clearance.
We have branches and dedicated sales representatives throughout Japan and China.
We can share information during the day and solve problems immediately.
We will do our best to support you.
Trouble during the daytime is troublesome and difficult to deal with.
Export Cargo Flow (Japan→China / Shanghai, South China, Hong Kong→Tokyo, Osaka)
Import Cargo Flow (China→Japan / Shanghai, South China, Hong Kong→Tokyo, Osaka)

If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry formorby phone.